1. Black Tie Affair Soap

    Black Tie Affair Soap This month's soap making challenge was to create a black and white soap with an accent color. What do you think? #soap #soapchallengeclub #zajanatural #blackandwhite #marblesoap #coldprocess #asmr #asmrsoap
  2. Making Clear Melt & Pour Soap From Scratch

    Making Clear Melt & Pour Soap From Scratch
    The twist with my melt and pour soap is that I did not use sorbitol like almost all the other recipes out there. I didn't have any. But since I practice the ketogenic lifestyle, I have plenty of erythritol. I used that instead. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol as well. The main difference between the two is that sorbitol is...
  3. Making Khione Soap #ASMR

    Making Khione Soap #ASMR
  4. Making First Snow Cold Process Soap

    Making First Snow Cold Process Soap
  5. Making Et Une Rose Soap

    Making Et Une Rose Soap
    Et Une Rose is back! Available October 20th. The body butter, shea butter, perfume oil, solid perfume, and deodorant are available now.
  6. Making Fight Club Soap

    Making Fight Club Soap
    There is a new video on Youtube that shows I make the Fight Club soap bars!
  7. Updating the site...

    Today I am updating some of the categories. Every so often, I will check the site and try to see it from a consumer's point of view. Are the menus easy to navigate? Are the products visible? Is everything in stock? Sometimes the way I structure the categories no longer makes sense, so I have to move things around. If...
  8. New Soap Videos

  9. Making Cotton Candy Cold Process Soap

    Making Cotton Candy Cold Process Soap Cotton Candy was so fun to make, and I hope you enjoy watching how I made it. The fragrance is described as having notes of Juicy Pears, Apples, Cotton Candy, Lemon Drops, Bubblegum, and Madagascan Vanilla Beans. It is not overly sweet and seems to evolve every time I sniff it. Which I can't help but do whenever I...
  10. It feels good to be blogging again!

    As many may know, I switched from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in March. I had to upgrade to a new server. In the process, I had to deactivate my old blog. I still have all of my posts saved, which I will upload on here eventually. But it kind of feels great starting fresh. I will be sure to...

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